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Essential Elements for Making an Amazing Handmade Jewellery

Claysphere Blog Jewellery Making Guide

Jewellery making

Making a handcraft is an easy thing to do. It doesn’t require great natural and artistic talent to make one fine piece that can catch attention from viewers. But it requires right elements like tools, supplies, moulds and also the patience of time.

Choosing the right materials and tools is very important in the making of any handicraft. Just like a barber knows the kind of clippers to use, or a carpenter knows the size and type of nails and hammer for his job. Even when crafting a jewellery piece, it is necessary and important to know the different kind of tools and supplies that one can use so as to be competitive and original.

Are you into making unique handicraft?

If you are already into the art of creating beautiful handcrafted jewellery or you have a passion for making and designing hand-crafts, or perhaps you have an idea and you really want to start investing on it by making one and you don’t know what kind of tools to employ into your craft to make unique piece of art. The following are some of the tools and supplies used by the majority of craftsmen out there.

Tools and Supplies used in making handmade jewellery.

Jewellery making

  • Beads: Beads are used in making jewellery handicraft, however; these latest beads come with different designs unlike the common ones depending on one’s taste and preference. It helps crafters and jewellery designers come out as stylish and at the same time spare them the effort of having to sculpt and create new beads pattern.
    • Terracotta Beads: It’s one of the kind beads which gives a unique touch to every handmade jewellery. They are uniquely designed and hand-sculpted using natural clay that is heated to give them that superior quality strength that is long lasting and durable.
  • Necklace and earrings combo cards: hangs the handicraft piece designed for beautiful display.
  • Plies and Scissors: it is used to help cut wires, threads, and other materials while crafting and designing a new piece.
  • Elastic cord bracelets: craftsmen can also use these readily available bracelets to attach their beadworks and other jewellery
  • Flat circle pins: it can be used to stick a logo or a picture piece of art. It makes it easy for crafters to display their work of art with minimum effort of having to make some to stick or display the art.
  • Jewellery tags: these tags come in handy for chain craftsmen when they want to create a tag for their chain and necklace piece of art.
  • Charm Pins: useful and helps attach different jewellery pieces and charms together for one great display other than using many pins. The pin comes with three holes/hooks that are attached to it
  • Necklace and earrings gift boxes: it’s always nice to have a good packaging for your piece of art. This box helps the craftsmen package their works in a style that will be attractive to other.
  • Jewellery and Beads glue: very vital for craftsmen to stick their beadworks and crafts together. It makes it possible to attach different pieces of art together.
  • Beading paints: used to give colourful attractiveness to one’s handicraft piece. It allows a variety of preference of colours to customers.
  • Beading storage box: it’s always an advantage to have a bead storage box because it helps in storing the beads to avoid them spilling and getting lost.
  • Watch face set: helps handicraftsmen who design watch straps to give meaning to their art.  
  • Flat rings: enables craftsmen to be creative in the art of designing rings
  • Wrist strap bracelets: made of leather and rubber can also be used to attach watches and other creative beadworks.

Do you want to give shape and form to your jewellery?

Jewellery making

If it’s making a necklace, chains, bracelets or other handicraft products many can do it, but when it comes to combining and attaching one's piece of art with a unique shape and form, that makes the difference; That special touch of elegance!

For instance, one can attach a beautiful pendant or symbol sign to a chain or a necklace.

Jewellery casting moulds

How to cast jewellery at home? The easiest way is a beautiful range of Jewellery silicone moulds available for sale to add radiance to your Jewellery making. It is important to note that the moulds are made with utmost care and precision, and boast absolute perfection in terms of design and finish.

Where to buy resin moulds? 

You can find the best moulds for jewellery making and craft projects at your nearest craft store. Many online sellers are also selling a beautiful range of jewellery making moulds and supplies. offers customers with a wide range of latest jewellery making tools and supplies that promote growth and uniqueness in the art of making handicraft products.

Some of the moulds and supplies available in

  • Moulds: Beautiful range of moulds, made of high-quality materials ensures durability and easy to clean. These moulds have elegance and style that will add radiance to your crafts.
    • Mould Pads: Make your works ease with this pattern designed moulds pad range. A perfect add-on to your crafting collection.
    • Temple Moulds: Wonderful temple mould collection that has been carved finely to give an exquisite feel which reveals the Indian traditional art.
    • Pendant Moulds: The Aesthetic world of designer pendant mould collection. An essential piece to celebrate your creativity.
    • Jhumka moulds: Adorned jhumka moulds behold the mystique of ethnic fashion inspired designs. All drop earring contemporary designs are oh-so-enchanting.
    • Stud Moulds: Adorable mould collection. It's the easier and fun way to make your jewellery embellishments more beautiful. Step up your creativity!
    • Floral Moulds: These moulds features one of a kind traditional embellishment with a good finish. Take your creativity to new heights.
    • Bird Moulds: Bird moulds are a treasure that will cherish your creativity forever. Boost up your creativity with these pocket-friendly moulds.
    • Multipurpose Moulds: Offering some lovely supplies with a fine craftsmanship that will add a dose of grace and elegance to your craft.
  • Terracotta Beads: Offering some lovely supplies for your beading and jewellery needs. They are ready to be painted, stained, stamped, or embellished for your craft projects.
  • Unpainted terracotta supplies: Explore exquisite creations that showcase your unique style. Unpainted terracotta items are made in latest designs with superior quality. The beads and designs are hands sculpted in clay and baked to strength for a long lasting property.
    • Unpainted Terracotta Pendants: Studded with high quality and finish. These high-end designed pendants have elegance and style to add radiance to the natural beauty of women.
    • Unpainted Terracotta Earrings: Beautifully crafted pieces to accentuate your creativity. Made of high quality to ensure durability. Elegance all the way!
    • Unpainted Terracotta Sets: This classy set designed with a fine craftsmanship that will add a dose of grace and elegance to your beauty.
  • Terracotta Jewellery: Signature collections made of terracotta exhibits timeless glamour and gives radiant look. Easy to put on, just wear it and be fashion forward. For a crafting expert, additional embellishment can be done on finished terracotta jewellery.

PostScript: helps and contributes so much to individual growth and prosperity for jewellery handicrafts and craftsmanship. We offer the ready to make silicone moulds and other craft supplies that are fashionable and also keeps aware about what is trending in the market.

Our online store is very reliable and beneficial to the craftsman who loves and appreciates crafting. We promote talents and provide tips to learners for making original handcraft jewellery by using the latest style, designs, and techniques.

For those who have passion in the craft making, Claysphere enables everyone to acquire and learn the basics of creating one’s own creative piece of art. Check out and explore our other blogs here.

Jewellery making for beginners

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